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Five ways to use water features in your garden

Water features are back in fashion. Here are five ways to do them right...

While gazing out into your garden may simply bring about a temptation to put the kettle on, wrap up even warmer inside, and console yourself with venturing out another day, you shouldn’t let the wilds of winter distract you from what is set to come back round as 2023’s leading garden trend – the water feature!

Yes, the usual decade-long rotation lands again this year, and having stripped our gardens back slightly as a reflection of the social, cultural and bodily ills we’ve had to encounter over the past few years, all the guidance is that by the summer of 2023 we’ll be looking for expansive and extroverted ways to break free from the shackles.

What’s great with water is there are so many ways to go about introducing it into your garden, though the plan for your aqua-based acquisitions needs to begin now!

1. The free-standing fountain

The look: Consider the breathless, artistic energy of the Italian renaissance, and create your own version with consummate abundance.

The execution: Ideal if you’ve got a small garden or as a welcoming feature for out the front of your house, the free- standing fountain is also one of the easiest features to install and maintain. For a minimalist look, select one made from a natural stone, or for something more fabulous choose the classic cherub.

2. The water wall

The look: Imagine your garden as a subtle and secret oasis – your route to perfect privacy may be closer than you imagine.

The execution: Forget Wonderwall: this is a garden ornament that really rocks. Another space-saver, this is for small gardens and equally small budgets. Some also have light options, making them the perfect centrepiece for alfresco dining and evening soirees.

3. The reflecting pool

The look: You are the person who wants a touch of Japanese zen in your garden, with echoes of peace and harmony emanating from a garden of process and precision.

The execution: For a feature that requires very little digging and even less maintenance, reflection pools are a surprisingly impressive addition to the more subdued space.

Plus, if you install an automatic re-fill system, all you need to do is start them up and shut them down.

4. The waterfall

The look: You want imposing and impactful, sinking back into a trickling trip to a place of calm – it can only be a waterfall.

The execution: Don’t go chasing this waterfall because if installed right, its eco-friendly feature using very little energy and water. One of the bigger and more impressive additions to your garden, it is also surprisingly versatile and doesn’t necessarily need
a pond. Tiered cement waterfalls are ideal for a modern aesthetic, or choose natural rocks for a more organic, outdoorsy theme.

5. The outdoor pond

The look: For the gardener who adores everything that is English, with rural resplendence lapping away at the side.

The execution: For all the modern innovations, you still can’t go wrong with the classic pond – though this is only recommended if you don’t have pets or small children. Ponds are fantastic because they are naturally beautiful and attract a diverse array of wildlife to your garden, including frogs, water beetles and butterflies. However, do be sure to install properly with inlay, edging and filters.


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