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How to Create 3D Walls in Your Home

Create walls that look incredible and feel amazing too with the use of 3D wall panels. Sara Whatley looks at this feature wall phenomenon.

Everybody knows about brightly decorated feature walls but have you heard about 3D feature walls? This eye-catching and versatile decorating trend has been about for years but enjoyed a new-found popularity in 2022, which continues through 2024 as well.

Three dimensional feature walls are tactile, interesting, and create a real focal point for a room, especially if other architectural features are minimal. More than a brightly painted or wallpapered wall, 3D wall decoration plays with shape, light and texture.

The materials used for 3D panelling vary and can be anything from MDF to bagasse, a lightweight product from recycled sugarcane that is high on the green credentials. Moulded contemporary styles provide a sculptural feel to the room, or more classic picture frame panelling can enhance a period property.

Some designs come totally finished for you to simply fit to your walls, while some come ready to be painted to flow into the rest of your home design. The great thing about panelling is that you can use as much or as little as you like to fit into the space you want covered.

Using this type of wall panelling can also be very practical.

You can easily cover lumpy walls, pipes and cables, and panelling in high traffic areas can actually protect the walls. Just make sure panels that will be bumped into are made of a durable material, and even better if they have a wipe clean surface.

3D panelled wall units can also be a neat solution to hide away messy shelves and TV units but still maintain the desired wow factor of a 3D wall. Large spaces that are zoned by dividing walls can also be given the 3D treatment. Simply turn the dividing wall into the 3D showstopper!

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