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10 Eye-Catching Cocktails to Try This Christmas

The countdown to Christmas is officially on and the creativity is pouring out with everything from delicious desserts to eye-catching cocktails.

TikTok hashtag #christmascocktails has 66 million views overall, showing the demand for festive fancy sips this year.

From a Grinchy cocktail with over 575.7k views, to a winter aperol spritz with over 5.1 million views, many are turning to TikTok for creative cocktail inspiration. Bottoms up!

With this in mind, experts at Beanies have explored 10 popular TikTok Christmas cocktails you need to try this festive season, including recipes.

Salted Caramel Snowflake

First up is @jenna.fifi, who wracked up 67.6k views on her Salted Caramel Snowflake cocktail. Nothing represents the festive season quite like indulging in something delicious and sweet.

This cocktail involves mixing 25ml of vodka, 35ml of salted caramel-flavoured chocolate cream liqueur, and 15ml of cold milk before stirring in some slightly softened vanilla ice cream. Top this creation off by slathering your glass in salted caramel sauce before tipping your mixture in and adding some chocolate shavings for an extra special treat.

A Grinchy Cocktail

Whether the Grinch is one of your favourite festive characters or you find yourself a bit of a Grinch at Christmas, everyone will love this Grinchy cocktail and it might even make some of your friends green with envy! With 575.7k views, it is definitely a hit.

Tiktoker @theenikj creates this drink by mixing ¾ ounces of pineapple juice alongside 1.5 ounces of passion fruit juice, 1.5 ounces of tequila, ¾ ounces of Cointreau and ½ ounce of blue curacao liqueur. Shake in a tumbler until everything is mixed and green. Pour over festive ice cubes that you can make from freezing cranberries inside your ice tray. Then top with a splash of something fizzy, whether it is fizzy pineapple juice like the video recommends or prosecco for some festive bubbles.

Winter Aperol Spritz

We have moved on from the summer days of Aperol Spritz outside in the sun, but this Winter Aperol Spritz can bring back that ray of sunshine with a festive twist. With 5.1 million views, there is no doubting the popularity of this winter warmer.

The @cocktails account recommends mixing two ounces of Aperol with one ounce of spices, cranberry syrup, and topping it with prosecco and sparkling water. You can use whichever measures your heart desires. This warming drink can help melt the frost away on any winter night.

For an added Christmas twist, use a festive ice cube, which can include a sprig of rosemary, cranberries, a cinnamon stick or any other combination of festive ingredients frozen into your water.

Gingerbread espresso martini

Indulge in your gingerbread wonderland this Christmas with a Gingerbread Espresso Martini by @bevsbybeverly, which has just over 80k views to date.

All you need to do is combine one ounce of vanilla vodka, one ounce of coffee liqueur, two ounces of gingerbread liqueur, a dash of cinnamon and some ice into a shaker. Shake thoroughly to combine all the ingredients, and serve in your glass. Once poured, your drink should have a frothy head where you can put a gingerbread piece.

The video also recommends rimming your glass with molasses, but honey or syrups should do, and crushed-up gingerbread pieces for decoration.

To add extra depth to this, you can swap out the coffee liqueur for an espresso shot of coffee flavours, with notes of chocolate or fruit, to add something special to your gingerbread espresso martini. The great thing about cocktails is that you can make them customisable to your own tastes, whether adding more sweetness or acidity.

Lucy Ward, Marketing Executive at Beanies Flavour Co, says: Coffee isn't only useful for a hot drink to warm you up during the cold days. In fact, espresso shots can be a great way to add a little extra buzz to your Christmas cocktails this year, especially if you're a coffee enthusiast looking for an extra treat to keep you awake for Santa.

Ornament Cocktails

Nothing says Christmas quite like the decorations from decking the halls to putting up the Christmas tree, it isn't the festive season without them. So, why not bring that cheer into your drinks, as TikToker @maddyannderson does? Showing you how to have festive fun, it is no wonder this video has 1.9 million views so far.

To create these ornament cocktails, Maddy mixes vodka, cranberry juice, and pomegranate juice, however, you can mix whatever combination you like into these festive pieces. Once combined, she fills reusable drink ornaments with the cocktail, placing them on top of a glass to stop the baubles from rolling. She then adds berries and herbs to her glasses, perfect for pouring the cocktails into.

If you have sturdy baubles with a spin-off cap, you can even attach strings to these and place them on your tree for guests to find on Christmas day.

White Christmas Margarita

Everyone looks forward to a white Christmas, and with these White Christmas Margaritas, that wish could come sooner than you think 39.7k viewers can't be wrong. With only a few simple steps, you can make margaritas for the whole family this Christmas.

According to @poppinbarct, all you need to do to create this cocktail is add tequila, triple sec, lime juice, white cranberry juice, and coconut cream with ice to a shaker. You can measure with your heart here, depending on your preferences. Mix until everything is combined, and pour into a sugar-rimmed glass for an extra frosty touch.

You can also top with cranberries and a sprig of rosemary for extra decoration.

Holiday Punch

Fruity, indulgent, and warming, this Holiday Punch will make sure you're having a good time this Christmas. This is one that every party could use, as you can create it in bulk and share it with everyone. With 784k views and over 30k likes, this will be a hit at any Christmas party this year.

The TikTok account @itscocktailhour recommends simply adding orange slices, blackberries, dried cranberries, rosemary, two cups of cranberry juice, one cup of orange juice, half a cup of vodka, and one bottle of prosecco into a pitcher. Give it a light mix and serve it out!

Christmas Cookie Cocktail

Need something to put by the fireplace for Santa or simply someone who loves something a bit sweeter? This Christmas Cookie Cocktail by @styledbydaisies, which has 3.2 million views, is something you need to try this year.

Mix one and a half ounces of vanilla vodka, one and a half ounces of Irish cream, one ounce of amaretto and one ounce of milk with some ice. Shake until combined. Then dip your glass edge in vanilla frosting and sprinkles for an extra cookie-inspired touch before pouring in your cocktail over fresh ice.

Jack Frost Martini

Wanting something a bit cooler? The Jack Frost Martini by @diycocktailguy might be just what you;re looking for. With 553.9k views in less than a week, this cocktail shows you how to add a fun blue, frosted drink to your Christmas menu this year.

Start by adding ice, 45ml of vodka, 60ml of coconut cream, 30ml of blue curacao, and 90nl of pineapple juice to a blender. Blend until the ice is completely crushed and in a thicker consistency, you can adjust the measurements for a thinner consistency if that is what you prefer. Then, pour it into a glass with a sugar rim and garnish it with a candy cane for the perfect festive treat.

Snow Globe Cocktail

This cocktail hack can make any cocktail, no matter the flavours, a little more festive this year. The TikTok account @fabfitfun recommends making a Snow Globe Cocktail. With 1.3 million views, this hack is sure to be seen at some parties across the season.

And it is so simple! Add water to the bottom of your glass, then add cranberries and other festive items into the mix before taping a sprig of rosemary to your glass so it stands straight in the centre. Place this in the freezer, and once the ice is frozen, you should have a Christmas-inspired snow globe glass for whatever drink you choose this year. Simply add your cocktail or choice, or even some bubbles, to get the full snow globe effect.


Whether you're frosting up the season with festive ice cubes or creating heart-warming cocktails for every sweet tooth, there is plenty of cocktail inspiration on TikTok. So, try making your cookie-cream cocktail or leaving a snow globe cocktail out for your guests; these sweet and fun simple cocktails are a must-try this year.

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