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Island Couple Seek Dracula’s Castle, Romania in Travel History Documentary

In this travel history documentary, husband and wife team Greg and Felicity, from the Isle of Wight, set off across Romania in search of ‘Dracula’s Castle’, and a deeper understanding of the history and legend surrounding Vlad Dracula III of Wallachia, better known as Vlad the Impaler!

On their way they discover a series of castles, a beautiful country, and a story where history and legend intertwine! They are very excited to have teamed up with Prime Video to make this documentary available to Prime Video subscribers.

“Romania as a country makes such a wonderful backdrop for a story which blends history and legend - the country itself lies magically somewhere between the present and the past, and has a beauty all of its own.” - Greg Chapman, Co-Presenter and Co-Director.

Greg and Felicity Adventures are an ongoing series of travel documentaries created by husband and wife team Greg and Felicity. When not producing their travel videos Greg works as an entertainer and Felicity as a Fossil Guide on the Island. Since early 2019 they have been travelling the world as often as possible to film new travel documentaries about the countries which they are lucky enough to visit!

From 31st December 2020, Romania: Seeking Dracula’s Castle is available to watch on Prime Video in the UK. Go to

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