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Get the Island Noticed for the Film and TV Industry

Promoting the Island as a destination to film makers and supplying everything the production team need, Isle of Wight Film Fixers have a catalogue of properties, services and vehicles to hire.

So how can Islanders get involved?

Properties and vehicles

Register your property, shop, business, radio station, farm, church, stables, vintage cars, lorries, tanks, bikes, tractors etc at Productions will spend a lot of money bringing this over to the Island, when we already have it here. Plus locals get to have their beloved homes and vehicles in films, while earning from them.


Register your services, whether you’re an industry professional, a make up artist, caterer, sound crew, runner etc. Register at

Island People

Register to be a part of a production, from professional actors to extras, Film Fixers provide options for film makers. They love local talent as they haven’t got to spend loads of money bringing them over, supplying hotels and food. When a local can do the job and go back home until the next day. Plus, you’ll get paid well. Some families on the books get picked to have a day out at a resort playing and eating while being photographed — and paid. Register at

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