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To Be Frank: British Medal For Isle Of Wight Based Powerlifter

Ferenc 'Frank' Schlepp, a 45 year-old powerlifting enthusiast from the Isle of Wight, is celebrating a podium finish at a national event.

Frank achieved the feat by securing a bronze medal in the fiercely competitive British Classic Bench Press Championships held in Rayleigh, Essex.

Despite facing significant challenges, including a torn chest muscle and an injured palm, Frank demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience throughout the competition.

His journey to success began amidst the global pandemic, which compelled many to stay at home.

Utilising his time effectively, Frank reignited his passion for powerlifting, a sport in which he excelled as a Hungarian champion in 1996.

Embarking on the challenge of returning to competitive powerlifting at an age when many would consider it improbable, Frank committed himself to a rigorous training regimen.

His dedication bore fruit when he emerged victorious in a qualifying competition earlier this year, earning him a coveted spot in the prestigious British Classic Bench Press Championships.

Despite the daunting obstacles he faced, Frank delivered a stellar performance on March 2, clinching the bronze medal in his category.

His achievement serves as an inspiration to individuals of all ages, demonstrating that it is never too late to pursue one's passions and achieve greatness.

Reflecting on his success, Frank remarked:

"It's never too late to start moving, many said you're too old or you can't do it anymore (to me), and (I continued) moving towards my goal because I don't listen to the naysayers, but rather to those who say: you can do it, Frank!"

The Hungarian Hulk also shared his heartfelt gratitude to his wife Katie for her unwavering support and to his fellow "gym buddies" for their encouragement throughout the journey.

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