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Emerging Artist Of The Month: Ruby

It's not often that you meet a teenage musician as composed as Ruby, a student at Platform One who is making major strides already in 2024.

The 18 year-old singer-songwriter sat down with Isle of Wight Radio to discuss her year so far and aspirations for the future.

Hi Ruby, when did you first start making music?

If we don’t count the songs I waffled about when I was 8 years old then I probably wrote my first song when I was about 15!

What was the story behind that inaugural track?

I’d been close friends with someone for my whole life and we became distant, which was really upsetting.

I started writing the song and it’s become one of my favourites to perform.


You performed on the Platform One stage at the Isle of Wight Festival last summer, was that a good launchpad?

Yes, 100%. I’ve got a lot of big plans for this summer – a lot of which are festival based and a lot aimed towards personal progression.

I hope to be on the bill again at the Festival, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.


You also performed at HMV in Southampton (below) recently – your first mainland gig – how did that go?

It went so amazingly, I was so pleased as I’d never performed like that.

We were stripped back and had guitar, bass and some percussion.

It went down so well, we got so many positive comments and I really enjoyed it.


Were there any specific highlights from the day?

There was a really nice moment when someone asked to take a photo with me after the gig and followed my social media pages, which meant a lot to me!

There’s a heartfelt story behind your debut single isn’t there?

Yeah, it was a Christmas song which I grew up with in my family.

My Grandad wrote the song, and I grew up with my Dad singing it, but sadly my Grandad passed away with cancer before he could record and release it, which he'd wanted to do.

This December just gone, I did an advent calendar of songs with a different cover each day, and on Christmas Eve I posted the lyric video for the completed song ‘Christmas Time’.

All the proceeds for the song have gone to Mountbatten.


Does that musical thread run through the entire family?

My dad is so musical, I got my love of performing from watching him when I was growing up.

My sisters are musical and my brother played drums – he’ll probably hate me bringing that up though!

My family has a lot of musical inspiration running through it.


For anyone who hasn’t heard you perform or seen you live, how would you describe your sound?

It’s a bit of a mix – I think there are songs for every emotion because I write from how I’m feeling.

There are some angry tracks, verging on power-pop/rock, and some stripped back acoustic ones.

I feel like there’s something for everyone.


Do you find you write you best songs when you’re in a state of heightened emotion?

It’s funny – every time I’ve gone through something really difficult I think “I’m going to write so many good songs," but nothing comes out!

A month later, once I’ve had time to reflect in my head, it all flows!


As well as singing, do you play any instruments?

I can play guitar and piano and have recently been getting into bass as well.


How important has Platform One been for your development?

Really important. Without them I would never have picked up a bass guitar.

Studying there has really helped and opened up opportunities for me.


Are there any other musicians at P1 you’d recommend people check out?

There are so many!

Platform One is filled with them – Amy Joliffe, Five Degrees North and so many other musicians.

The Wednesday night Strings (venue in Newport) events are a hub of emerging talent.


Is it true that you’re a massive Taylor Swift fan?

Yes, I think some of the songs she writes are beautiful.

I personally love the storytellers out there, the people who use songs as a way to tell stories.

Are there any other global musicians who really inspire you?

There are people like Phoebe Bridgers, Olivia Rodrigo and Noah Kahan who have broadened my horizons to a lot of other music.

Even some songs where I’ve liked a style of playing and been inspired by it.

For example, Sabrina Carpenter, a lot of her vocal lines follow the bass guitar which has really helped me if I get stuck – using the instruments to inspire my writing.

Phoebe Bridgers (top, L) (c) David Lee from Redmond, WA, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0; Noah Kahan (Bottom, L) and Olivia Rodrigo.


What would be your dream venue or event to play at?

I like to go towards my dreams in steps – one part of that was to play on the mainland, which I’m so happy to have done.

My next one is to play somewhere like the (Liverpool based) Cavern Club or another prestigious venue.


Is there an album on the horizon?

There will be music coming out very soon, so keep an eye out for it.

For now I’m waiting to confirm everything, but it’s going to be exciting news – watch this space!


Ruby during her visit to the IW Radio studio

When can people next see you in action?

I have a gig next Wednesday (March 13) at Strings, then one at The Falcon in Shanklin next month.

I’ll be posting details of any new performances on my social media.


Finally, Ruby, how can people check you out online?

On Instagram and TikTok I’m Ruby Official Music, on Facebook I’m Ruby Musician and Band.

I’ve also got my website, which links all of that, so check me out on any of them!

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