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Emerging Artist Of The Month: Charlotte 'Tink' Beadle

This month's Emerging Artist arrived at Isle of Wight HQ adorned with a weighted backpack as part of her training for a European trek later this year.

But before Charlotte ‘Tink' Beadle takes on the 160-mile Camino de Santiago, she'll be delighting hoards of admirers with her ukulele and celestial vocals.

The 25 year-old spoke to Isle of Wight Radio's Dom Kureen about what the future holds both on and off the stage.

Hi Charlotte – first off, how did your nickname ‘Tink’ come about?

My mum used to call me Tink, now only a few OG people call me by it, but I use it when I perform.

I had to add the ‘Beadle’ because there’s already an American rapper called Tink.


How would you describe your music and style of singing?

Probably indy-pop, but my vocals are usually pretty folky because I sing in a head voice most of the time.

Is it mainly cover versions, originals or a bit of both?

I usually play my own music with a ukulele, but all of my songs at the moment are break-up ones.

When anyone asks ‘what’s your music like?’ I describe it as pop-ish with a ukulele.


Do you still get as nervous before performances as in your early days?

It depends on where I’m playing – I usually get more nervous at a venue like Strings than at a festival.

I performed at Rhythmtree last summer and it was such a beautiful place to play that I didn’t feel nervous at all, so the setting plays a part.


Do you find it easier in front of a big audience than three people and a dog?

I think so, some of my songs are quite easy to tell who they’re about if you know me, so I don’t mind how many people there are as long as I don’t know them!


How did you find performing at the Isle of Wight Festival?

It was really fun and there was quite a good crowd.

I did spend a bit of time complaining about how hot it was between songs — I don't handle the heat all that well!


You're in training for a massive trek soon - how did that come about?

I’m still figuring out what to do with my life, trying new things and seeing what fits.

The Camino de Santiago is traditionally known as a pilgrimage – starting in Porto and hiking down into Spain.

I'll be doing it for about 14 days, so using the Isle of Wight as a training ground!


You’re a long-time vegan and animal rights advocate – does that ever come across in your music?

I would love to write an emotional song about things like that, but I find it difficult.

I write a lot of poetry about it, but haven’t put it to music yet.



You’re also a yoga-teacher, can you crossover any of the breathing or posture techniques into singing?

I tried to do that with my Masters – I wanted to create a workshop space where people would do a half an hour yoga class, with some breathwork and meditation followed by something creative.

As we get older we forget to play, fear stops us trying new things.

The idea was for people to try something new and embrace that creative side of themselves.


Do you have any specific long-term goals within the music industry?

All of my songs have come from a point where I felt something very strongly.

I wouldn’t call myself a songwriter, but I believe as human beings we’re all artists.

I want to get all of them recorded and released this year or next year, and I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a band together at some point.


Is there any chance we’ll hear a Charlotte Beadle album in the near future?

I’m hoping to release an EP – I’ve got two songs out now, so what I’d like to do is record the others, put them on an EP and then do some acoustic versions.


Are there any other Isle of Wight musicians people should look out for?

I love Sexy Pretty Things – they’re hopefully releasing some new music at some point soon.

The Optimists are really cool and Greg Barnes has Christmas music coming out later this year!

Where can people see you on stage in 2023?

I have a charity gig at Strings on March 18, which will raise money for the Youth Trust.

It would be cool to play IW Festival again – I’m hoping to have some news on that shortly.


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