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Summer hair tips : June Edition

As we slip into the summer months it’s an ideal time of year to try out some new hairstyles. Maybe it’s a dramatic chop you are yearning for or simply to switch up your tried and tested hair routine with some new products and techniques. Whatever you hair wishes, we have highlighted some of the key trends and looks for the coming season. 


The Wet Look

Like you have just enjoyed a dip in the pool or stepped out the shower, wet look hair has a feel of freshness and easiness about it. You haven’t tried too hard and yet you still look hot. It can have a punky edge or a sleek polished feel, but it’s always guaranteed to be dramatic.

How to: Pat wet hair until it is half way dry, then using a mixture of hair gel (for hold) and hair cream (for body) in your hand, smooth through hair (all the way through for short hair, concentrate on the roots and mid length for mid or long hair, and for curly hair smooth all the way from root to tip). Then, before the product is dry, style as desired – smoothed flat with a fine-toothed comb or raked through for a beachier feel. Then spritz with a glossing spray to enhance the ‘wet’ look and finish with a coating of hairspray to lock everything in. Et voila!

The Side Parting

Side partings are not new, but this season they have lent right over and gone extreme. This 30s vibe style can be worn in a huge variety of ways; clipped in place with embellished hair accessories, tied back in a low or high pony, slicked down with a wet look treatment, or flung into place with relaxed curls.

How to: Using a pin tail comb, draw a razor sharp line from front to back where you would like your side parting to sit, just make sure it is nice and deep. Use your eyes as a guide: outer edge for a deep side parting, or in line with the pupil for a shallower one. Then style as desired and sprits with hairspray to tame flyaways.  


2023 is rich with trendy cuts if you fancy some time in the stylist’s chair. Layers are big news: long and luxurious or short and choppy. Bring them all the way up to create some glorious 90s bangs – a true trend of the season.

Go short! A classic bob always looks fresh in the summer season and keeps the neck nice and cool too. Boxy bobs are big right now with blunt edges and no layering. Or go shorter and opt for a pixie crop! The new pixie is getting more diverse with longer layers at the back or sides; it’s more lived in and shaggier. That’s easy summer styling all the way!  

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