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Six Signs That You Love Your Cat More Than Your Partner

Take Cats Protection’s Valentine’s checklist to see just how deeply cats have left pawprints on your heart.

With over 11 million pet cats in the UK, it’s clear we’re a nation who love our moggies and the charity’s CATS Report 2022 revealed that 92% of cat owners consider their cat as part of the family and 88% admit to talking with their cat regularly. 

Many of us would do anything for our feline friends, and you may even find that you love them more than your significant other. For fun this Valentine’s Day, check the signs that your cat could mean more to you than your human partner.

  • You don’t dare disturb them when they’re sleeping

You’re sitting on the sofa, desperate to use the toilet, but when your darling puss has graced you with their presence on your lap, you simply cannot ask them to move. You’ll happily put up with the discomfort, so long as your kitty is snoozing soundly. As a result, it’s your partner who must make the tea and generally wait on you hand and foot, so you and your kitty can stay cosy. 

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  • ...but you don’t mind if they wake you 

No need for an alarm clock, your cat will make sure you know when it’s time to get out of bed and serve them their breakfast, and you will happily oblige, even at 5am. However, if your partner dares snore in the night, they get a gentle whack with a pillow. 

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  • Your phone is full of photos of them 

As you scroll through the camera roll on your phone, there’s a very noticeable trend. Almost every photo is of your cat in various adorable or funny poses, as you try to capture them in all their glory. On the other hand, your partner only features in around 1% of your photos and hasn’t even managed to make it onto your home screen background. 

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  • You choose their food carefully

When it comes to mealtimes, you choose only the best cat food that has your feline friend’s approval, and make sure to pick out their favourite flavours so they’re not disappointed. Food is served precisely on schedule (or as soon as your cat demands it) and perhaps even presented in a Michelin star-worthy fashion in their favourite bowl. Meanwhile, your partner has to make do with whatever leftovers are in the freezer.

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  • You worry about them when you’re away 

If you need to be away from your cat, even for a few hours, you’re constantly wondering what they’re up to and if they’re ok. If you could call them to check, you would, but chances are they haven’t even noticed you’ve gone. When you’re away from your partner, you’re just grateful for a few hours of peace. 

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  • You have several nicknames for them

A cat is never known by just one name, and you have a whole register of creative monikers for your moggy. Some may closely resemble their given name, others may be completely random and ridiculous. Your partner has just the one name, plus maybe a more a formal version you use when they’ve done something wrong.  

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Of course, it’s all a bit of Valentine’s Day fun and there’s room in most hearts for our partners and pets. But if you can think of any signs that show how much you love your feline friend, Cats Protection would love to hear from you on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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