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Our Favourite 80s Fashion Trends

The 1980s was a decade of excess, exuberance, and bold experimentation in the world of fashion. From power dressing to pop culture influences, the '80s saw a remarkable shift in style that continues to inspire modern-day trends - here's five of the top fashion trends that defined the vibrant and dynamic era of the decade...

1. Power Dressing and Shoulder Pads:

The '80s was marked by a significant increase in the number of women entering the workforce, and their fashion choices reflected a desire to be taken seriously in the professional world. Power dressing, characterised by strong, structured silhouettes and assertive lines, became a prominent trend. Women embraced shoulder pads to add width to their frames, creating a more authoritative and confident appearance. Power suits, usually featuring high-waisted trousers or skirts paired with blazers, became a symbol of women's empowerment in the workplace.


2. Neon Colours and Bold Prints:

The 1980s was all about making a statement, and what better way to do it than through vivid neon colours and bold prints? Fluorescent pinks, electric blues, neon greens, and vibrant oranges adorned everything from clothing to accessories. These eye-catching hues were often combined with geometric and abstract patterns, capturing the essence of the era's technological and artistic innovations. Whether it was a neon windbreaker or a printed bodycon dress, the '80s was all about embracing a striking and unapologetic aesthetic.


3. Leg Warmers and Aerobics Fashion:

The fitness craze of the '80s gave rise to a unique trend in fashion, as activewear became a part of everyday dressing. Inspired by the popularity of aerobics classes and fitness-themed movies like "Flashdance," leg warmers became a must-have accessory for both gym-goers and fashion enthusiasts. These cosy, calf-length knitted tubes were often worn over leggings, jeans, or tights, adding a touch of athleticism to any outfit. The aerobics fashion trend also introduced leotards, headbands, and oversized sweatshirts, all of which embraced the decade's love for fitness and energy.


4. Acid Washed Denim:

Denim continued to dominate fashion in the '80s, but with a twist. Acid-washed denim emerged as a popular trend, characterised by its faded and mottled appearance achieved through a chemical treatment process. Jackets, jeans, skirts, and even overalls were transformed with this edgy finish, reflecting the era's rebellious attitude. Acid-washed denim became a staple for casual and party wear alike, and its popularity extended well beyond the '80s, influencing fashion in the following decades.


5. Punk and New Wave Fashion:

The '80s witnessed a vibrant music scene, and the fashion world drew inspiration from punk and new wave subcultures. Punk fashion was rebellious, featuring ripped clothing, safety pins, and leather jackets adorned with studs and spikes. New wave fashion, on the other hand, embraced a more futuristic and avant-garde look, with asymmetrical hairstyles, oversized sunglasses, and metallic clothing. Both styles emphasised individuality, breaking away from conventional norms and pushing the boundaries of self-expression.


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