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New Data Reveals Most Popular Names In The South East - And The Rest Of The UK

New analysis of baby name data from the Office of National Statistics has found you are most likely to meet a Charlotte or a William in the South East.

Label manufacturer My Nametags analysed the data, revealing the UK’s ‘children’s name capitals’, the areas of the country where you are most likely to encounter a child with a certain name.

The analysis reveals that parents in the South East are more likely to name their child William or Charlotte, than parents anywhere else in the UK. 

How the South East Compares to the Rest of the UK:

Oliver has topped the charts as one of the UK’s most popular boys name for some years. However, there is a higher concentration of them born in the South West than anywhere else in the UK. You are also more likely to find an Amelia in the region than anywhere else in the country. 

You are most likely to find an Alexander or an Isabella in the nation’s capital. 

Parents across East Anglia are more likely to name their child either Harry or Holly than families elsewhere in the UK.

You are most likely to meet an Oscar or an Isla in the East Midlands than anywhere else in the UK.   

The West Midlands has the highest concentration of Mohammeds in the UK. For girls, it’s Maisie that appears more frequently in the region than anywhere else.

Wales has the highest density of children named Dylan and Megan. 

Olivia has topped the charts as the most popular baby girls name for a few years now but the North West has the highest concentration of Olivias in the UK. Thomas is also preferred by more parents in the North West than in any other region. 

Jack has ranked highly in the baby name charts for decades, but it’s in the North East where you are most likely to find a child named Jack. For girls, it’s Emily. 

You are most likely to come across a child named Charlie or Evie in Yorkshire and the Humber. 

Scotland has the highest density of boys named Lewis and girls named Sophie.  

In Northern Ireland, parents prefer to name their child either James or Grace. 

The Maths Behind the Trends

Data from ONS detailing the most popular baby names between 2001 – 2019 was analysed to create a list of the most common names amongst children aged between 0-18 across the country. The total number of babies given each name was then divided by the total number of babies born in each region during the time period to provide a true representation of name density per region. 

What the Experts Say

Lars B. Andersen, Managing Director at My Nametags, comments:

“At My Nametags we see thousands of names every day and we were interested to understand the patterns of where certain names appear most commonly in the UK.

“Our analysis revealed some interesting insights, so we have created an interactive map to help people discover the name trends in their region and how it compares to the rest of the UK.”

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