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Five Must-See Fictional Food Drama Shows You Need To Binge

It seems to be a genre of its very own at the moment! For those who savour the drama in the kitchen as much as the flavours on the plate, fictional food dramas provide a delectable blend of culinary expertise, intense competition, and behind-the-scenes chaos. Here are five must-see fictional shows and films that will satisfy your appetite for both gourmet dishes and gripping storytelling:

1. The Bear:

Starring Jeremy Allen White and recently storming it at awards season, 'The Bear' serves up a captivating blend of culinary genius and heart-warming storytelling. Follow the journey of a talented yet temperamental chef as he navigates the challenges of running his late brother's restaurant, this series offers a perfect balance of humour, emotion, and culinary artistry, making it a delightful and binge-worthy experience for lovers of food and drama.


2. Boiling Point (2021 film):

This one-take wonder of a film provides an intimate look into the daily operations of a prestigious restaurant over one, high pressure evening, showcasing the intense pressure, meticulous preparation, and the pursuit of culinary perfection. With raw and unfiltered storytelling, 'Boiling Point' offers a front-row seat to the challenges faced by chefs (headed by Stephen Graham in a career-best performance) in their quest for gastronomic excellence. This cinematic experience immerses viewers in the high-stakes world of Michelin-starred kitchens.


3. Burnt:

'Burnt' takes viewers into the competitive and high-pressure world of haute cuisine. Starring Bradley Cooper as a once-promising chef seeking redemption, the film explores the cutthroat nature of the culinary industry, rivalries, and the quest for culinary excellence. With intense character development and visually stunning food scenes, 'Burnt' is a must-watch for those who crave drama in and out of the kitchen.


4. The Menu:

Stepping into the macabre and outright freakish now, 'The Menu' serves up a deliciously thrilling storyline as it delves into the world of a high-end restaurant where the boundaries between culinary art and the supernatural blur. This sinister offering, starring Ralph Fiennes as a top-end chef who devises his own gut-wrenching revenge on those who have wronged him through his kitchen, introduces a captivating blend of suspense, dark humour, and gastronomic intrigue, making it a unique addition to the fictional food drama genre.


4. Boiling Point (2023 series):

It's that good it has to be mentioned twice. The sequel to the aforementioned 2021 film, this four-part series continues the same intimate look into the daily operations of a prestigious restaurant (this time led by the fantastic Vinette Robinson), with some unintended and serious consequences along the way. You'll be stuck to the screen all night! 


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