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As Dan Walker Leaves BBC — Five Signs You’re Also Ready For A New Adventure

Dan Walker has announced he is the latest presenter to leave the BBC following a string of high-profile departures for the broadcaster, including Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis.

Walker, who has hosted BBC Breakfast since 2016, is leaving to join 5 News at Channel 5, replacing Sian Williams.

In a video message on Twitter, he said it was a “massive decision” because he loves the breakfast show, but added this was a rare opportunity and he “can’t wait”.

But, how do you know when it’s time to make that “massive decision” for yourself, and take a leap of faith into the next chapter of your career?

Here are five signs you could be ready to move on from your job.

1. You dread Mondays

It’s natural to be a little anxious or apprehensive about the week ahead, and maybe sad the weekend is over.

But routinely getting distressed and experiencing full-on existential dread every time a new work week comes around might be a warning sign.

Talia King, head of product for HR tech company Connectr, says “overwhelming Sunday-night dread can be a sign the job you're doing might not be the right fit for you."

2. You feel undervalued or underutilised

Feeling valued, and that your skills and experience are being utilised to the best of your ability are important.

Desiree Anderson, HR specialist and MD of Crest Leadership Coaching, says:

“If you’ve spoken to your boss about more variety, different roles within the organisation and a better set of working conditions or reward package and nothing has been done, then you may decide it’s time to go elsewhere.”

3. You feel burned out

If you are exhausted, frustrated and grumpy a lot of the time, you might be suffering from workplace burnout.

Anderson says: “If you are anxious about someone you work with or fearful about an aspect of the culture, it’s time to examine why and perhaps make a plan to exit.”

4. You’ve reached the end of the line with progression

You’re in a role you worked hard for, but the role above you, your boss’ job, is no longer of interest to you (or doesn’t seem available any time soon). Do you stay because you’re comfortable, even if there is now a ceiling on your professional development?

“There is nothing wrong with staying in a role you are comfortable with, if you find that you are happy in the environment and you feel valued for what you do and are paid what you are worth,” says Anderson.

5. You are not earning as much as you’d like

Money is by no means everything when it comes to your job. But being able to afford the lifestyle you want, or even just make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise is really important.

“When your pay, benefits and working conditions are out of sync with what you feel you are worth, it may be time to look at alternatives,” says Anderson.

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