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4 books our Editor has been reading this month

This month Adele Trathan takes a look at four cracking reads for the busiest book-buying time of the year, they make a perfect present for avid readers

Pinch of Nom by Kate and Kay Allinson

The healthy eating phenomenon that is Pinch of Nom returns with another hundred scrumptious recipes – from fakeaways to desserts – that are both tantalising to the taste buds and good for the waistline.

The book is inspired by number-one bestselling authors Kate and Kay, who flit between all-day breakfasts and scrumptious desserts with consummate ease. Indeed, these crowd-pleasing foody fests are so satisfying and delicious that you'd never guess they are also slimming-friendly.

Featuring Pinch of Nom's trademark bold flavours, easy-to-find ingredients and simple, flexible cooking methods, the book is packed with the food that you'll want to savour and share with loved ones, over and over again.
Published by Pan Macmillan on December 8th

Grannysaurus by David Walliams

Bursting with David Walliams' anarchic sense of fun and blessed with Adam Stower's vibrant illustrations, Grannysaurus is a roar-some picture book about unpredictable grannies, dinosaur discos and staying up late.

A boisterously funny new festive release from the duo, this is perfect for young dinosaur fans!

Look out too this Christmas for the return of Gangsta Granny, whose ‘Strikes Again’ sequel is given another makeover for a December 2022 release.
Published by Harper Collins on December 8th

Never Give In: The 12 Commando Rules for Life by Scotty Mills

A sudden downpour while Scotty Mills was walking down a street in South London sent him diving for cover into the nearest shop. It turned out to be a recruitment centre for the Royal Marines and, after a few minutes' conversation while waiting for the rain to stop, Scotty was hooked and signed up to join the elite force. It changed his life and set him on a new direction that would end up with him leading the Marines on operations around the world, becoming an Olympic flag bearer in 2012 and dining at Buckingham Palace with the Queen and the royal family.

Scotty shares his lessons of performance and resilience with the reader, inviting them into the secrets of elite culture. His compelling story is one that combines tragedy with remarkable insight about the power of human inspiration. 

Scotty has subsequently worked with many of our nation's top sports teams, helping them to achieve their goals, and in Never Give In he shares his methods with his readers to guide them to peak performance in all aspects of their life and career.
Published by Simon & Schuster on December 8th.

Wild Women: A Collection of First-Hand Accounts from Female Explorers by Mariella Frostrup

A collection of the greatest women's travel writing selected by journalist and presenter Mariella Frostrup.

From Constantinople to Crimea; from Antarctica to the Andes – throughout history, adventurous women have made epic, record-breaking journeys under perilous circumstances. 

Whether escaping constricted societies back home, or propelled by a desire for independence, footloose females have ventured to the four corners of the earth and recorded their exploits for posterity.

For too long their triumphs have been overshadowed by those of their male counterparts, whose honourable failures make bigger news. In curating this collection of first-hand accounts, broadcaster, writer and traveller Mariella Frostrup puts female explorers back on the map. Her selection includes explorers from the 1700s to the present day, from iconic heroines to lesser-known eccentrics, celebrating 300 years of wild women and their amazing adventures over land, sea and air.
Published by Head of Zeus on December 8th

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