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Beacon Inspiration Behind Island Based Comedian's Latest Local Trek

A comedian based on the Isle of Wight has uploaded footage of his latest local trek — after spotting a walk named the Barnsley trail in Beacon Magazine.

Marek Larwood is best known for BBC 3 sketch show, Rush Hour, as well as appearing on Impractical Jokers UK and Drunk History.

Creating his Cool Dudes Walking Club YouTube channel in 2019, Marek has uploaded a series of Isle of Wight walks, all marinated by his eccentric brand of humour.

His latest video, uploaded today (Tuesday), features a three-and-a-half mile walk around Nettlestone, Pondwell and Seaview, as featured in January's Beacon Magazine.

Describing what inspired this specific walk, Marek wrote:

"I found this walk in the Beacon Magazine, it was developed by Nettlestone and Seaview Parish Council."

During the walk Marek encounters a cat, visits Seaview's Saltern Cottages and completes a five-minute piece of artwork.

Previous walks have seen the 45-year-old take on the Isle of Wight Coastal Path, Yar Trail and Bembridge and Culver Downs.

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