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News from Bembridge by Cllr Michael Murwill

Remembrance Day
Like so many events since the Covid-19 pandemic, Remembrance Day is going to be very different this year. It is still vital that we remember those men and women across the world who have protected our freedom. As Edmond Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The British Legion will not be able to raise so much via street collections this year and are encouraging people to purchase a poppy on-line (

Bembridge Beach Clean and Litter Picks
The last successful Bembridge beach clean of the season has taken place. It is good to see local people helping to keep the beaches and streets clear of litter. It is amazing to see what people throw away that endangers people and animals (broken bottles, barbecues, sharp rusty tins). For me it brings back memories of when I was growing up and the village community took pride in ensuring that litter was collected and those who dropped it were made to feel guilty and were told not to.
Hopefully in 2021 the Covid-19 restrictions will allow to more people to be involved in the beach and street litter picks., I will advertise future dates once agreed, or you can find them via Facebook at “Bembridge Beach Clean and Litter Picks”.

Isle of Wight Council (IWC) tips change of colour to kerbside general waste bags
With the positive move forward of having the waste recycling centres back to accepting kerbside general waste, from November this waste taken to the centres needs to be in clear or white sacks, instead of black ones. It is important that any hazardous waste (batteries, household chemicals etc.) are not included in the general waste, as they can cause fires at the new recycling plant in Forest Road.
Much of the kerbside general waste is recyclable and the Island residents have been excellent and this, along with the opening of the Forest Road centre, has helped the Island to become one of the top local authorities in the country.

I hope that you continue to keep safe and healthy.

Should you need help, please telephone the IWC Coronavirus helpline 01983 823 600 or, for the latest advice, please visit the IWC Coronavirus website:
Island residents can also access mental health support and advice online at 
The coronavirus testing centre for the Island is based at Newclose County Cricket Ground, Blackwater Road, Blackwater, PO30 3BE by appointment only.

To ensure safety, meetings continue to be held virtually via Microsoft Teams.     
Agendas for forthcoming meetings will be available for public viewing 5 working days before the meeting. 

November IWC dates for your diary:

3rd November    16:00        Planning Committee
10th November  17:00        Corporate Scrutiny Committee
12th November  12:00        Local Outbreak Engagement Board
12th November  17:00        Cabinet
18th November  17:00        Full Council
23rd November  10:00        Audit Committee
23rd November  16:00        Licensing Committee
25th November  10:30        Isle of Wight Pension Fund Committee

Facebook: Councillor Michael Murwill
Twitter: @cllrmurwill
Tel: 07754 463 040

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