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Make your own Father's Day card

With Father's Day fast approaching (Sunday June 21st), why not put your creative hats on and make a home-made card for the father figure in your life. This easy to follow guide can be adapted to use colours and patterns of your choice.

You'll need:
An A4 piece of coloured card
A piece of A5 card in a different colour
Double-sided sticky tape or glue


  • Fold your piece of card in half lengthways. Open back up.
  • On the right hand side of the card, draw a line two centimetres down from the top of the shorter side and cut along the line. Discard the thin strip of card that comes off.
  • Hold the closed card so it's in a portrait position, with the opening facing to your right. Now cut a 2.5cm horizontal slit  on either side of the card, 2cm in from the top.
  • Use these flaps to fold and create the collar.
  • Hold your second piece of card in a portrait position, fold the bottom corners in until they meet, to create a point.
  • Now turn the paper over and fold the sides in until they meet. Now fold the sides in a second time, and tape down.
  • Flip over and fold the top of your tie down, twice, to create the knot at the top. 
  • Now tape/glue the tie in position on your shirt.
  • Glue buttons in place.

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