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Make your own Bird Feeder

Keeping the kids entertained is challenging at the best of times, let alone when we’re unable to leave home. Here’s the first of our kids activities – let’s make our own bird feeders!

It’s a really simple way to keep the kids busy and creative for a little while, it won’t cost the bomb, and you can do it with stuff you’ve already got around the house – thanks to the Woodland Trust for this idea!

Things you’ll need:

  • Loo roll or kitchen roll tube
  • Peanut butter (ideally no added salt and sugar – it makes the birds a bit hyper!)
  • String
  • Bird seed

Let’s make it! 

  1. Take your cardboard tube and coat it in some peanut butter.
  2. Roll the peanut buttered tube through a generous amount of bird seed so the whole tube is covered.
  3. Thread some string through the tube and tie on to a branch, or somewhere birds will feel comfortable eating.
  4. Spot some of natures flying friends!


Photo courtesy of The Woodland Trust

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