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BOOK REVIEW: Our Stop, by Laura Jane Williams

A heartwarming story of missed opportunities, love lessons and second chances.

I knew this was a book for me within just a few pages. I’m a girl who absolutely swears blind she’s making a new start every Monday, having an early night, getting up the first time the alarm goes off, climbing into an already ironed outfit and grabbing a packed lunch from the fridge before getting to work on time. But never ever does it happen. Just like Nadia Fielding. 

The problem for Nadia is, her tardiness is currently stopping her from meeting the love of her life — and fate just does not want to play ball. 
I love the thrill of the chase, and felt Nadia’s every emotion as the mystery of her admirer starts to unravel. The plucky character made me laugh out loud and I admired her positive, go-getting attitude. Our Stop is a heartwarming story of missed opportunities, love lessons and second chances. 

Personally, I feel Nadia’s friends need a little chat about girl code. Never drop a mate out, no matter what’s going on in your life. But ultimately it was an enjoyable, feel-good read, which will make you take out your headphones on public transport and throw a cheeky smile at anybody cute who catches your eye. You never know, they could be your D E Weissman.

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