East Cowes News In Brief by Margaret Prior

East Cowes News In Brief by Margaret Prior

Oh, Wheelie? Yes, by now every household in East Cowes should have had its letter from the Isle of Wight Council giving details of the new waste collection system starting here at the beginning of February. Please read it very carefully and keep in a safe place for reference! Also note that you may have a new collection day. The information given is pretty comprehensive, although there is no mention of the green sacks which at present can be bought for garden waste and collected from the kerbside. It appears that this service will be discontinued from the end of January, although Biffa have agreed to carry it on until the end of February. After that it seems that householders must take their garden waste to a recycling site, not too convenient for those without their own transport for whom this system was a godsend.

A new building has taken shape next to the Waitrose store. This is a biomass energy centre which will be fuelled by woodchip coppiced from local woodlands to provide most of the store’s energy needs. It is estimated that the plant will reduce carbon emissions by about 1,184 tonnes per annum and will have a lifespan of at least fifteen years. Due to be powered up in April, this will be a first for Waitrose UK. Guided tours of the plant have also been mentioned, so keep an eye open for more information.

A group has now been formed with the aim of making East Cowes a "Green Town". This will require lots of public participation, which can sound daunting but should be fun for those willing to join in with various projects around the town. Ideas are being developed and there is likely to be an Open Day later in the year. Please come along then to find out more about Green Towns and to put forward your own ideas on how to make a positive difference to our town.

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