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John Hannam Meets Leslie Harvey.30 September 2013

Leslie Harvey, now 94, is back living on his beloved Isle of Wight. He was born in Chale Green and lived as a boy at Bridgecourt Farm, Godshill. He went into the Second World War as a private and came out a captain. Later he joined the Island’s famous mineral water manufactures, Gould, Hibberd and Randall, as an assistant to the company secretary, and retired 35 years later as the managing director

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Making a Will to Protect a Family Member who is Disabled.30 September 2013

Disabilities vary so widely that no one arrangement will suit the needs of all parents and their off-spring. Individual circumstances will dictate what if anything needs to be done, how those aims can best be achieved and what is the simplest, most effective and efficient means of answering those concerns.

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October 201325 September 2013

October's edition is hot off the press and on its way to over 64,000 homes across the Island!

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The Marriage Course11 September 2013

A seven session FREE course is running in Newport Baptist Church from October 7th for all married or co-habiting couples.

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